Prescription Snorkel Mask – Best Underwater Experience

As snorkeling is majorly enjoyed through sight, it can be difficult for those who need prescription lenses. To explore the alien world under the water without any discomfort because of your prescription, you can try using a prescription snorkel mask.The best full face snorkel mask reviews always give you the best pick while buying.

prescription snorkel mask

These special masks are fitted with your prescription lenses so that you can see underwater as clearly and as naturally as those without prescription. Check this motorhead

Prescription Snorkel Mask

Using a  custom prescription snorkel mask is the most comfortable way to enjoy the experience of scuba diving and snorkeling. As contact lenses can create dry, itchy eyes due dry conditions or staring for long underwater; it is always better to have trouble-free equipment that you are confident about using. Contact lenses if exposed to rough environment can create bubbles under its surface, making your sight blurry.

Spectacles and contact lenses work very well in environments that are suitable for it, but in rain, spectacles do not offer any help; and in dry climate, contact lenses make the eyes itchy and tired. Prescription snorkel goggles are specially created for underwater viewing and that is why they work best for underwater use, much better than contact lenses.

Prescription lenses come in either plastic or glass. The glass is tempered so that it can stand a high amount of water pressure. The frame of a prescription snorkel mask is made of hard plastic or metal. Rubber fittings are used to create vacuum inside the mask. While buying a snorkel mask, ask for the make of the mask and check whether the mask is lightweight and is sticking to your face without any support.

Prescription snorkel Mask reviews

When buying prescription snorkel lenses, make sure you tell the person fitting your lenses your particular needs. Your prescription, whether near or far or bifocal, cylindrical or a high prescription; coupled with your need at the time of snorkeling or scuba diving will help in making your prescription snorkel mask just right for you.

Even if you have a bifocal and need to snorkel, you can do well with just the distance because you will be mostly seeing objects that are down at the bottom. But if you are a diver and are going to inspect things closely or read your gauges, then you will need a bifocal set.

While buying snorkel lenses, it is also important to remember that the lenses will not be as close to your eyes as regular spectacles. The fit of the mask also determines the accuracy of the visibility.

Snorkeling lenses come in various colors, sizes and prescription settings. A prescription snorkel mask comes with pre-created lenses that are very close to your prescription, both in distance and near-sightedness. If you are a professional diver and have special needs, then you can get custom snorkel goggles.

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