Portable Jump Starter Review of 2018

Today I wanted to share with you a product that I believe is a must-have for anyone who owns a car we’re gonna take a look at this portable jumpstart power bank solution model GP 180, let’s go ahead and check it out now regardless the type of car that you have if it’s a new car or it’s an old car it’s always recommended that you have a battery backup solution something that’s gonna charge a car in the event that your car for whatever reason the battery discharges.

Jump Starter Review

I’ve been a really big fan of these units these jump-start power bank solutions because they serve two purposes first of all especially if you’re in the Midwest and even if you’re not in the Midwest if you’re dealing with in climate weather and you get stuck somewhere on the road and your car is not turning on and your battery is gone or you’re on a trip and your battery dies out you can use this unit to charge your phone not only can you charge your phone but most of these devices have other safety features as well like charging your car so this solution that we’re looking at today actually does both things.

Powerful GP180


You’ll notice that it has these little connectors here that are illustrated here that are going to be for charging your phone and then it also has a the ability to charge your car if we take a look at here the let’s look at the specs you’ll be able to see what we’re talking about so this battery capacity is an 18 thousand milliamp hour battery and the output is what you would expect for them any standard battery backup solution but notice when you start looking at the bottom area the starting current 350 amps peak current 800 amps so this is when you connect this to your car and you try to turn on your car this is going to give you the ability to jumpstart it so let’s take a look now as you take a closer look at the solution it comes in a real nice travel case and this is something you could either put underneath your car seat or in your glove box or in your trunk well go ahead and unzip it so you can see what’s included inside you have your battery backup solution and again this is a battery backup solution that’s going to support more than just your cell phone so we’ll put that on to the side and then here you have some of the things to start making it look like a jump start solution now keep in mind that I’ve had jump start solutions most my adult life when I’m for the cars that I’ve owned.

History of Starters

It used to be these really big units that you would carry in your trunk and it was in a huge box that says it was about 2 feet by 2 feet you also had those units that you had in the garage but notice how compact this is so here I have everything I need to jumpstart my car I have my battery solution and here I have the positive and negative poles now in addition to that you have a charging brick that’s going to be used to charge the battery backup solution and then you have some USB cables so here you have a lighter adapter and then you have this USB charging cable that’s multi-purpose and what I like about it is that it has all the modern adapters so here you have your iPad or iPhone adapter here you have USB C so this is gonna be for the LGV 20 actually for the LGB 30 the G 6 and this is also going to be Note 8 s 8 and then here you have micro USB as well and this is gonna be good for headphones and all these other devices so literally what you have here is everything you need in order to be able to survive in an emergency when it comes to any kind of power emergency that you have in your vehicle all right now taking a closer look at the unit itself you have a power button here you have a little boost light that turns on you do have the ability to enable flashlights so you can see the flashlight here it does have a strobing and then it has kind of SOS and then it turns off so that’s great in the event that remember just see putting this on your window front or back to just attract attention battery indicator.


You have your jumper cable connector so this is where we’re going to put our jumper cables in here you have the again an output this is also another way where you can output through the cigarette lighter some vehicles allow you to charge through the cigarette lighter over here you have a micro USB and a micro USB both of these will charge two devices at the same time tablet and foam or two phones and then here you have your charging port from what that cable brick that came included so all of this small containers small package that’s going to keep you safe and given that you do lose power now for those of you again that are really interested in the spec let’s go back down here to the specs and take a look at it again so again 18,000 milliamp hours 350 Peak or standard cranking amps peak current of 800 amps.

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