Picking Your First Skateboard

Everyone would who knows all or nothing about skateboarding would agree that picking your first skateboard is probably the most important thing in your skateboarding life. Keeping that in mind, I am going to go over some points you guys should watch out for when buying your first skateboard.While buying your first skateboard, one thing that you have to watch out for is sandpaper. The second thing that you should watch out for is buying skateboards from places like Target or Walmart to get a cheap skateboard. Although, you could technically learn how to do some stuff on that, but once you actually get to trying real tricks on it, it is very likely that they could break. In fact, I have tried one myself; I skated one joking around with my friends and I broke it instantly.

Yep, that was when I was doing my very first skateboard trick. So then I went to a real skate shop and also, an online skate shop owned by a skateboarder, and you know I invested my money in an actual skateboard made for skateboarders. That said, let’s pick out some skateboard stuff. Okay so first up, in the shop that I was visiting, I came across this concrete cities board wall. They have a lot of options. I myself, of course we got a revived skateboard and I love riding them. I own them and that’s you know it’s good wood, but then again, when you’re starting out, like you know, any deck at a real skate shop is good. Most of the skateboards that you come across are going to be decent quality like so, don’t think too much into it. You can go with whatever brand you want actually and whatever graphic you like that is if you don’t have a preferred brand. For best skateboard brands of 2018, you need to do some thorough research.
Okay so now let us move to the next big thing, the size of the best skateboard. The size is pretty much the big thing that you’re going to want to know here. For beginner skateboarders, I would suggest an 8 inch deck because that’s kind of a good medium size which isn’t too skinny and neither is it too wide. I come across a lot of people asking questions like what skateboard size I should get considering I wear this sized shoe or I’m just tall. I personally know guys that are over 6 feet tall and skate a 775 s, and I know you know guys that are 5 foot tall that have skateboards with 8.5 sized deck. So basically, it is really your own preference, so go with an 8 inch and then kind of feel it and, as you buy more boards in the future, you can kind of find out what you like. One other important thing that you got to think about when picking out your skateboard is the skateboard shop that you are going to. It actually helps when you form relationships with some of the owners or managers at the skateboard shop. Having that relationship helps in building a trust relationship and also might get you discounts, so go for it guys. I personally know the guys where I shop at and it makes me so confident about all my purchases. I hope these points like the size of the deck, where to shop and where not to shop at help you guys out. For more insights, you can visit: https://www.reviewskateboard.com

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