Mobius Dash Camera Review

The Mobius dash camera is a Chinese camera made by the exact same producer of the popular 808 #16 key chain camera. The camera has very good image quality during the day and average picture quality at nighttime. It records 1080p at 30f/s with an average bit rate of roughly 18,000kpbs.

Best Dash Camera

This camera also claims to get Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) to improve recording in low light conditions. However, there have been several complaints because of low light recording. While over average, there are better cameras for nighttime recording. When recording 1080p, this camera probably has good video quality for a $85 camera.

This camera does not come with a G-sensor, GPS or display. Due to its small size and low weight that this camera has become popular for vehicles.

Features of Mobius Dash Cam

The camera has been updated numerous times since its original release. As of 2015 (Mobius V3) the upgraded features include:

  • New instance with improved protecting
  • Widening of the Best LED monitoring hole Full of a clear plastic “light pipe” that extends over the four LED’s interior
  • Over-voltage protection that will disconnect external power if voltage is between 5.6V and 28V
  • Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Lens Module rather than the first metal lens module
  • Optional 820 mAH battery accessible instead of this 520 mAH battery
  • Optional capacitor instead of the battery

Available Lenses

The Mobius can be bought with different lenses. Each lens has a different field of view

  • Standard A Lens — 86°
  • B Lens — 116°
  • C Lens — 132° (no longer sold, because of reliability problems)
  • C2 Lens — 132° (replaces the C lens)

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Wide Dynamic Range

This dashboard camera claims to get broad Dynamic Range (WDR) capacity to enhance low light video quality. Unfortunately this isn’t correct.

The human eye has a dynamic assortment of roughly 100 dB. Anything greater than 100 dB is frequently known as “Broad Dynamic Range”.

Though the Novatek NT96650 Processor supports Broad Dynamic Range, the CMOS sensor utilized, the Aptina AR0330, includes a lively assortment of 72.4 dB (see datasheet). Thus in the pure technical standpoint, this camera isn’t providing authentic Wide Dynamic Range.

There’s enhanced night functionality with WDR allowed with this camera. Be aware that a high dynamic range number (>100 dB) doesn’t guarantee great night functionality if other elements of the camera are inferior (chip, lens, firmware).

Should I Purchase?

This camera has excellent video quality throughout the day, probably one of the very best for $85. Video quality at nighttime is average. The size and form factor is discreet and initial reliability seems to be fine. In addition, the maker appears to be very responsive in fixing issues via firmware.

Overheating problems do not seem to be common, but do not conduct this camera in a parked car on a hot day to minimize problems. Overall this is the best discreet camera for the money.

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