Best Dog Ear Drops That Good For Dog Ear in 2018

My dog had suffered from ear problems since she was about 18 months. The vet, who I at that time worked for as a receptionist/nurse, diagnosed malassezia which is a yeast infection and gave me antibiotic ear solutions and ear cleaners, which worked for short time, however the problem always came back. He then advised me that the next time the inflammation occurred he would give her an anaesthetic to clean her ears out properly but he also said that it would just come back.

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Over the years we have tried many different solutions/ antibiotics even steroids, all prescribed by vets that only controlled the problem for a short period before the condition reappeared. Anyone who has dog with inflamed and sore ears knows how distressed the dog gets as he finds it extremely itchy and painful, the more he scratches the worse it gets. It comes along with a foul-smelling, black, yellow or brown discharge.

Best Dog Drops For Ear

Most ear infections are caused by some sort of allergy, there are certain breeds that are more prone to ear infection, dogs with long ears i.e basset hounds and spaniels have the problem where the air is unable to circulate due to the length of the ear and also if they like to swim the ear stays warm and damp and therefore allows perfect conditions for the bacteria and yeasts to grow. On saying that though other breeds suffer quite badly as well – westies, poodles and boxers for example.

With my own dog the discharge was so excessive that it made the coat look dirty all the time. I found that I was having to shampoo her about every two to three weeks, much to her disgust. The bath water was always filthy afterwards.That’s why I use best dog ear cleaner for my dog so he remain healthy during the whole day.

Dog Ear Drops

One day at a dog show, I happened to discuss the problem with a friend. She not only showed dogs but bred them as well – so if anyone would know she would! She told me that she had used a tradition product that would help any type of ear infection, and recommended it very highly – EarSolv. Well, when I finally got round to trying it, after having to phone her again to remind me of the product name, it worked a treat on my little dog. I would say that the swelling began to go down within hours of the first treatment . You only have to use a tiny amount, dust the powder into each ear and the results are unbelievable. All these years we had struggled with my dogs sore ears, and all these vet bills! It just goes to show, you should speak to your friends more often!!

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Best Retractable Dog Leash Reviews

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